- modern agricultural management system

The main task of the system is high-quality monitoring of agro processes and control over production costs. As a result, we get a reduction in production costs, and “all the money not spent is money earned.” Our team has done everything to save your agricultural farm funds for production.

Who we are?

Since the result of our work should be to improve the quality of agricultural production management, our team consists of two parts - specialists in the agricultural sector and specialists in the field of IT and microelectronics.



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Ingo Storm

inventor, iP owner and scientist

Agrika – patented concept of pesticides free planting, developed by a genial German scientist
“iG” (STORM), – now in a world wide application- most of the agricultural base countries are interested to purchase a licence for a wide industrial use, and convert their country’ imports of pesticides to zero costs.

Jack Storm

IT and microelectronics specialist

Programmer, system architect, information systems specialist, system analyst, system administration specialist, information technology manager. Heads the software development department.


Peter Müller

Specialist agro engineer

Knows how to quickly find a common language with any technique. Offers new ideas on how to get the most effective and at the same time demanded agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies for agricultural production.


Rahatul Asef

Agro Finance and Investment Analyst, Strategic HR practitioner

Mr. Asef is the Chief Coordinator AGRIKA. He is a Finance and Investment Analyst also having in depth knowledge over HR with a decade of experience. He is also an expert in implementing technology with business, specially agricultural business.


Martin D. Wolons

American CFO

As an entrepreneur, Martin Wolons has founded and operated several successful businesses in various industries, leveraging his skills in sales, marketing, and management. Martin Wolons is always seeking new and innovative opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people and create impactful ventures. Martin Wolons have a strong track record of solving complex problems, negotiating contracts, and managing teams in highly regulated environments. Martin Wolons thrive on challenges and learning new techniques in new and fast changing Environment.

Technical support

We will provide technical support to you and your business 24/7 365 days a week. Our experts will help you work with the Agrika system, advise on any technical issue, and promptly eliminate any malfunctions. Our contacts:

Data processing center system servers are located in a modern data center, provided with round-the-clock, uninterrupted Internet and reliable power supply.