Supported Devices

GPS tracker protocols supported by GeoTracker service

Note: If you have a problem connecting the tracker to the GeoTracker service (the tracker is not displayed on the map in the application), write a letter to the technical support at  indicating the type of tracker and its imei (or identifier).

GPS103 (GPS102, Coban) [IP :, Port : 38999]

TK103-B, TK103-2B, TK104, TK106, GPS-103, GPS-103-A, TW-MD1101, GPS102B, GPS104, TK110

TK103 [IP :, Port : 39000]

EC-546, TT0024, T1024, T1080, T2024, T2124, T12, T4400, T8800, T15400, TK05, TK10, TK15, TK20, TK110, T18, T18H, T16, GPS105, P168

GT02A [IP :, Port : 38999]

GT06 [IP :, Port : 39001]

GT06, GT06N, GT09, Heacent 908, GT03A, GT03B, GS503, ET100, GT100, GT06D, GK301, JM01, JM08, GT02D, IB-GT102, CRX1, JV200, TP06A, BW08, TR06, JI09, Concox GT300, WeTrack 2

MikroTik [IP :, Port : 38999]

LtAP mini

H02 [IP :, Port : 38999]

H02, H-02A, H-02B, TX-2, H-06, H08, GTLT3, TK110, NT201, NT202, S31, LK109, LK106, LK208, LK206, LK310, LK206A, LK206B, MI-G6, CC830, CCTR, CCTR-630, AT-18, GRTQ, LK210

Meiligao [IP :, Port : 38999]

GT30i, GT60, VT300, VT310, VT400, GT30, GT30X, PST-AVL01, PT03, PT60, PT300X, PT30, GT-110P, GT-110K, GT-110M, GT-110ES, GT-110ZS, AVL-011, VT900, P008, GT 30, CT01, CT03, CT04, CT04-R, CT04-X, OCT600, MT01, MT02, PT01, PT03, VT1000, GSY007, T200, iStartek, VT310N

Autofon v4 [IP :, Port : 38999]

AutoFon 4.4, AutoFon 4.5

Autofon v5 [IP :, Port : 38999]

AutoFon SE, AutoFon SE+, AutoFon D, AutoFon D-Moto, AutoFon Dialog Mayak, AutoFon S, AutoFon GL Mayak

Autofon v7 [IP :, Port : 38999]

AutoFon Alpha, AutoFon Alpha XL, AutoFon Alpha 2XL

Wialon [IP :, Port : 38999]

Wialon IPS, MasterKit, MasterKit BM8009, NeoTech TR­1000

OsmAnd [IP :, Port : 38999]

OKO-NAVI [IP :, Port : 38999]